Looking for a way to contact me?  Are you crazy?  Yes?  Okay, that's fine then.  I love meeting new people.  And there are tons of ways to find me, so just pick the one that works the best for you.

Email Me
I usually check my email everyday.  And I promise to do my very best to message you back.  Unless you're a jerk.  So, if you are, don't waste your time.  Nice people can drop me a line at premeditatedmadness@gmail.com.

Join Me
Yep, I have my very own Facebook fan page.  Why?  So I don't have to add three thousand people I don't know to my personal page.  Not that I have three thousand fans.  But it'd be cool if I did.

Follow Me
Is it just me, or is Twitter a stalker's dream come true?  Well, whatever.  I don't really get all the Twitter-type lingo and junk, but I do post random information from time to time.  You can follow me by clicking on my picture under the Latest Tweets section in the sidebar.

Visit Me
I have a ton of sites.  You can find them all listed in the sidebar.  It's one in the morning.  I don't feel like typing them all back out again.

Support Me
Want to help out my "someday" fund?  Or maybe you're just in the market for some funky, affordable handmade jewelry?  Either way, you should really check out my creations.