So, you want to know more about me huh?  Nosy little thing, aren't you?  Well, no worries.  Let's see if I can answer some of the burning questions you might have.

In case you haven't figured it out by now, my name is Laurie Martin-Gardner.  I'm a writer by trade.  Which is pretty much the coolest job you could ever have.  I mean, I work at home.  In my pajamas.  Or if the mood strikes, I can work anywhere else in the whole wide world.  Yep, coolest job ever.

At the moment I have two books available online, one in progress, and at least a dozen more in various stages in my mind and on paper.  My writing is typically dark and edgy ... someone else's words, not mine although they fit.  It's not for everybody.  But if you'd like to check it out anyway, you can visit my official site.

I also write freelance for whatever random company buys my time.  I've had some really fascinating topics to write about.  And one really, really bad one.  Blah.  Let's just suffice it to say that I was definitely not destined to be a dentist.

Writing doesn't always pay the bills though, so there's got to be more.  Right?  Right!  So of course the only logical thing to do is make chainmaille, right?  *hears the crickets chirping*  I actually do make some totally awesome chainmaille jewelry (along with other types from time to time).  Why chainmaille? Cause it's difficult, of course!  Check out my array of badassery in my Etsy store, Gypsy Grove.

Beyond writing and chainmaille, and ranking #1 on my "stuff that really matters" list, I am a mom.  I've got three of the craziest, most random, weirdest kids on the planet.  And if that weren't enough, I've got two equally cool bonus kids!  There is never a dull moment in my house!

My husband is a keeper too.  We've been married half of forever ... okay, eleven years, but it seems longer some days!  He's a bit crazy too.  Of course, he has to be to live with me!  Hell, even our pets are insane.  It's a prerequisite to living in the Vortex.  And yes, that's what we call the place.

I'm a pretty random person myself.  I like a lot of stuff.  Here, I'll tell you a few:  reading, writing, fantasy movies, loud rock music, pretty guys in eyeliner, tattoos, mythology, history, old cemeteries, anything paranormal, tarot, astrology, numerology, Reiki, all things metaphysical, hunting ghosts, research, graphic design, scrapbooking, photography, altered art ... yeah, that's probably enough for now.  You get the idea.

I've spent a lifetime trying to figure out just who I am and where I'm supposed to be.  I don't have all the answers yet, but I'm damn sure closer now than when I began.  I have good days and bad.  Thankfully, the good usually outnumbers the bad.  I'm not an eternal ray of sunshine.  More like a rain cloud on a sunny day.  I have my light and my dark, and you could encounter both in a single conversation.  No matter what, I am always me.  And really, that's not a bad thing to be.

Still need more?  Really?  Well my strange little friend, check out the Contact page for a list of ways to connect with me.